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We're ready to handle all your roofing requirements - from re-roofing and waterproofing, to complete maintenance programs and expert leak repair.

Ultimately, we treat every job like it's our most important job. Select Pacific Weathershield and the work will be completed on time, with the highest quality workmanship, and held to the highest standards. We are confident we will exceed your expectations. At Pacific Weathershield, we like to think that every time we fix a roof we are building a relationship.

Let's Start from the Top...
Every job starts with a complete inspection and a report detailing the exact condition of your roof. Our documentation even includes a series of photographs. You'll feel like you were on the roof with us. Beginning each job with an eye for detail helps us assemble a better report, while helping you understand the specific problems with your roof.

The Right Products for the Job...
Once we know your roof, we can outline a custom plan of action that includes the industry's finest materials, applications and coatings. All of these products carry long term warranties, and everything we install carries the promise of satisfaction. Plus, Pacific Weathershield works closely with the manufacturer, so you know we'll install it right.

Experts on the Job...
Once you're satisfied with the plan and the products, we'll move forward with a pre-job meeting to detail all the set-up and safety issues. Your total satisfaction is our goal; and we make it happen by doing the job right and doing it safely. Pacific Weathershield also stresses the team approach to roofing. Everyone focuses on the their area of excellence and that yields the best results. In fact, the team hones its skills through continuous education; on the job and in certified roofing classes.

The Project may be over, but the Relationship Continues...
We're looking to build long-term relationships on the strength of quality workmanship and dependability. Job for job, Pacific Weathershield always does its best to ensure your complete satisfaction. We'll even follow-up after the project is complete, to see how your roof is doing.

Founded on Tradition...
Our founder, Kevin McArthur, is a third generation roofing contractor, so you could say "the business is in his blood." He learned the ropes in Seattle, one of the rainiest regions in America. Over the past 15 years, Pacific Weathershield has earned a reputation for providing comprehensive roofing solutions that continually provide savings for building owners. One client, a large chip manufacture, saved in excess of $500,000.

Excellent Safety Record
We comply with all safety regulations and OSHA rules.  We take pride in the fact that we have an excellent safety record.  On your roofs, we always set up perimeter warning lines where the height of the parapet walls dictate.  When replacing plywood we have one safety person inside the building, assuring that occupants stay clear.  All power tools are run on Ground Fault Interrupters.  These are only a few of the precautions we take to insure the safety of our workers, as well as your occupants.

In addition to superior service on your roof, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service. With the attention we give your roof, and the attention and follow-through, you will receive personally, we strive to exceed your expectations of being just another roofing company.

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