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Re-Roofing with Cool Roofs
Pacific Weathershield is the leader in cool roof applications; in fact, we've been specializing in cool roofs for over twelve years.

In October 2005, the building code changed (Title 24 Update) which now requires all commercial buildings with air conditioning units to install a "cool roof" when re-roofing. Cool Roofs save significant energy costs, as well as making your building more comfortable. In fact, Cool Roofs cause your air conditioning units to run less, therefore they last significantly longer. All of the roofs Pacific Weathershield installs are Certified Cool Roofs. We have been the leader in Cool Roof applications for 15 years. Contact us for more information on environmentally smart roofs and how they can save you energy costs.

Reinforced Coatings
At Weathershield, we install some of the industries finest reinforced roof coatings from manufacturers like United Coatings, Metacrylics, Western Colloid and several others.  Call us to see if your roofs life can be extended with a coating system.

Sight Screens
Sight screens installed to shield rooftop equipment make your buildings look great and please your neighbors (as well as the building department!)

Roof Management System
Know the costs for your roof repair, maintenance and replacement; and be able to budget years ahead.

Participating in the Shield +Plus™ Program will give you a key tool to help you to evaluate your roof repair, maintenance, and replacement costs, and to forecast budgets for upcoming years.

24/7 Emergency Leak Service
Stop bailing and start dialing. Our repair crews are standing by to solve your emergency leak problems any time, day or night.

Leak Repairs
No matter how water is entering your building, our expert leak repair technicians will quickly solve the problem.

Window Caulking/Sealant
As buildings age, the windows require re-sealing. Our expert crews caulk the exterior and replace the vinyl strip on the inside, making your windows as good as new.

Building Joint Resealing
Tilt up buildings are designed to move at the joint between the concrete panels. As the caulking material ages, it will crack, and eventually leak. We can re-caulk these joints and restore their energy efficiency.

Air Conditioning Duct Sealing
Leaky air conditioning ducts not only cause water to enter your building, but they also lower the efficiency of your mechanical systems while increasing your utility costs. We have permanent solutions for this problem.

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